Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hi music lovers. We're nicely refreshed after taking a year or so off to work on our tans, and we've got our FIRST SHOW SINCE 2013 coming up at the Crowbar on Thurs Feb 12 with Brisbane's legendary Dickensian-punk-future-sailors KNAW (playing their first show in over a DECADE!) and "France's" least-loved sons les Fancy Boys (playing their first gig in a couple of years). What a nostalgia fest! There won't be a dry eye in the house!

Seriously, though, we're still a relevant contemporary rock act, honest. We're just very lazy and don't all live in the same country. But we've got an astonishing THIRD ALBUM "in the can" (as they say in the industry) which should see the light of day some time this year (probably). Stay tuned!

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