Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We're a cover band...

Here's some exciting footage of from the last night of our Waiting Room residency, were we did a full set of Brisbane band covers in stripped-down three-piece mode. Thanks to our good pal Ex King John for filming us. More to come soon.

(PS - if you haven't heard the originals, they should be easy to track down via google - they suck a lot less than our versions).

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey pals. Last minute show announcement! We'll be playing at X+Y in the Valley on Friday Feb 24 with THE ANCHORS and TREVOR LUDLOW. It's free entry! We're on at 9. Trevor's on at 8, so get there early. No dawdling!

PLUS, we had so much fun in Newcastle during our triumphant NSW tour last weekend that we've decided to head straight back down there. We'll be playing at the Pharmacy on Saturday March 3 with the excellent BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY from the USA (go and get a copy of their album Vacation if you haven't already - it's phenomenal) plus a whole bunch of other bands. Stay tuned for lineup details.

Here's an eye-catching photo of us playing in 3-piece mode on the last night of our recent Waiting Room residency, while our evil overlord Simon was on a fact-finding mission in the Rhineland. We did a full set of covers of other Brisbane bands. With any luck we'll have some recordings of the occasion to post here soon.

Stay punk. xox, Apes.