Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Cheap shirts!!!!
We're getting rid of old stuff to make way for eventual new stuff. If anything below is the right size its yours for only $15 postage paid anywhere in Australia!!!! Plus each shirt comes with a free digital download card for our first album GRAVE CONSEQUENCES! There are only a few size/colour options but you'll get the drift.

This is what we got, click the links for pictures of the designs

Multi coloured shirts -
Blue - 1 small and 1 girlie xsmall
Purple - 1 large
Pale Pink - 1 girlie xsmall
Red - 1 medium

White shirts -
These are some accidental extras, originally you had to pre-order our 2nd album KILLED BY DEAF to get one of these but now thats no longer true.
we have 1 medium and 1 XXlarge

if you want to get in on this action head on over to our facebook page to haggle with us/order some!

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